Setting Up A Car Garage Business

Setting up a car garage business does not always require you to locate and purchase expensive commercial property. If you choose to, you can always work from your home premises, providing you have the relevant paperwork and permission from your local council. Where you choose to work from will depend on whether you are looking for passing trade or if you already have a loyal clientele base.

If you have taken the decision to open your own garage, then you will most likely have an interest in car mechanics and probably be a trained mechanic yourself. Whether you are a qualified technician or not, if you intend to operate as a garage rather than become a mobile mechanic then you will probably need to employ other mechanics. When choosing staff to employ, it is advantageous to have employees with different strengths from each other.

For example:

· Having someone who specialises in electrics can mean that you offer customers a service that some other garages may not be able to offer. With modern cars being predominantly computerised, a member of staff who focuses on electrics is able to not only use the computer to locate the fault, but proceed to fix the problem in the shortest possible amount of time – therefore saving your client money and reassuring them of your competence in locating the fault with relative ease.

· Hiring someone who is a tuning specialist or a mechanic that can deal with blue printing and engine mapping can offer another specialist service along with personnel whose expertise may include: automotive body repair, manual repair, auto repair, vehicle modification and trained car manufacturer mechanics.


Personal recommendations can never be underestimated and building up trust between your customers should create a steady income with positive word of mouth bringing in new business. Having a website presence can help fledgling businesses become established and also older businesses move forward. Most new customers will use the internet to locate a garage that is near their home or place of work. Making sure you do some background work on the location you choose and making it easily accessible, can be very important to new businesses.

One way to start up a garage business is to purchase a franchise. There are specialist franchise shows and exhibitions you can attend and find an option that suits your budget and interest. Although they can seem expensive to start off with, the advantage is that you have a well established name and branding behind the business.

Setting up a car garage business is a big undertaking, but if your heart is in it and you are prepared to follow industry guidelines, registrations and acquire appropriate insurance for you and your employees, then certainly there is money to be made from the 27 million motorists currently driving in the United Kingdom today.

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