The UK’s Top 10 Most Stolen Cars – BMW X5 Takes Pole Position for 6 Years Running

The Motor Trade Club find out what cars are most stolen in Britain.

Car theft has certainly reduced now that it is genuinely quite difficult to steal cars. Alarm systems, electronic transponder keys and remote control keys have helped a great deal, yet thieves are still managing to steal vehicles, and latest figures from Tracker, have broken down which vehicles are being stolen the most.

In 2014, Tracker, a vehicle GPS tracking provider, recovered over £11 million worth of vehicles were stolen, and the car that tops the list for most stolen model is unsurprisingly, the BMW X5. The Motor Trade Club aren’t too taken aback by this news, because the real shocker is that the BMW X5 has been the UK’s most stolen vehicle since 2008, sitting on the pole position for 6 straight years.

The average value of cars stolen and recovered has increased to £25,600 from £23,600 in 2013, which is an 8%.

In fact the BMW brand has been favoured by thieves for the past 3 years, with 5 cars on 2013’s most stolen list. Though thefts of BMW’s German competition Mercedes have massively increased, they have gone from just 2 cars on the top 10, to 4. 

Jaguar Land Rover has also seen an increase in thefts, with 3 of their Land Rover models high up on the Top 10, while Porsche drivers will be happy to know that after many years in the top 10 their favoured 911s have dropped off the top 10 altogether.

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Tracker’s Top Ten Most Stolen and Recovered Cars


1. BMW X5 

2. BMW M3 

3. Mercedes C Class 

4. Audi S4

5. BMW M5 

6. BMW 3 Series 

7. Range Rover Sport 

8. Range Rover Vogue, Audi S3 = 

9. Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series, Porsche 911 =


1.BMW X5

2.Mercedes C Class

3.Range Rover Sport

4.Mercedes Benz E Class

5.Land Rover Discovery

6.BMW M3

7.Range Rover Vogue

8.Audi RS4

9.Mercedes Benz ML

10.Mercedes Benz C63

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